Dear Art Lover,

This is a special offer for the viewers of the NewEarth Channel who wish to own an artwork made by the hand of the creator of the NewEarth videos.

By making a donation of minimum 75 euro you will receive an abstract painting (max size 50 x 100 cm) with free worldwide shipping included. Any additional artworks would be only 39 euro extra as long as they are shipped together. Although this is an ORIGINAL artwork it is CHEAPER THAN ORDERING A CANVAS PRINT OF THE WORK OF ANOTHER ARTIST especially considering the shipping!

By making a donation of 190 to 500 euro you will receive a painting in magic realism style (max size 50 x 100 cm). Although a 190 euro artwork will be as beautiful as a 500 euro artwork, the difference is that at the higher ranges more time will be invested in fine details which obviously requires many hours of work. For example the Tree of Life painting is 60 x 80 cm artwork and its level of fine details would be for the 230 euro range. The Ayahuasca visions with Horus painting is an example of much finer details and a sample can be seen in the full size images of the main figure only as the details were not registered by the camera for the other figures of the artwork. Any additional piece in this style will be 30% less as long as the is shipped together with the first one, again free worldwide shipping included.

A variety of sizes are available including oval and round canvases. Due to postage restrictions only artworks of size up to 50 x 100 can be sent for free. It is possible to make bigger paintings too but that may involve additional cost for some countries. For many locations in Europe however delivering even huge canvasses will not be a problem at all - since this will vary for each and every destination exact information regarding works on bigger canvasses could be provided only when the exact delivery address is there.

The abstract artworks tend to be more often done with acrylic colours while the magic realism works are mostly done with oil colours. All paintings will be send on stretched canvass, not rolled.


To get an artwork just send a donation to the NewEarth Project corresponding of your choice of type of artwork and we will get back to you so that you can specify any special requests about the artworks (including the canvass size)!

Those who have made a donation of 50 euro or more in the past do not need to make as much donation as suggested above, just something they consider appropriate (keeping in mind that art materials and shipping are expensive).

Indeed you can get an artwork even done in a completely different style of almost any other artist you admire and the amount of the donation will be the same as for the magic realism paintings.

You will not receive a painting you may not like - you will be given a choice, photos of the available artworks to choose from. The earlier you order the more choice you will have out of all paintings that I am going to make for this offer.

View paintings - you will receive an original artwork (not canvas print) of this quality